The truth about online consumers

The truth about online consumers

How do Belgian online consumers behave? Find out more in this global research by KPMG.

How do Belgian online consumers behave? Find out more in this global research by KPMG.

What do consumers really want?

Enabled by technology, the continued year over year growth in online shopping has been fueled by a new generation of consumers who want greater convenience, value and options. For consumer businesses, this trend poses both challenges and significant opportunities.

In this report, we aim to raise and answer some questions about your company's approach to ecommerce. Our global research on online consumer behaviors, preferences and attitudes can be leveraged by consumer companies seeking to improve their approach towards winning and retaining customers online.

What became apparent is that there are some significant differences between Belgian consumer behaviors and those of other countries. The most striking behavior of Belgian consumers is that 38 % of the consumers is most likely to be influenced by price or promotions when making a decision, while other countries are more sensitive to brands and online reviews. Not only do they base their decision on other criteria, they are also slower through their purchase journey. Belgian consumers purchase within the week, while globally this is within the day.

When deciding on your organization's ecommerce strategy, it's crucial to take these consumer behaviors into account.


Read the report to learn more about:

  • Online purchase behavior
    Cross border shopping, the rise of e-tailers and device preference trends
  • The path to purchase journey
    From awareness to evaluation, the online shopping experience
  • Consumer attitudes and motivations
    What’s driving the shift to online, and winning the online consumer

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