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The Brexit Strategy

The Brexit Strategy

Well-prepared? How Belgian companies can prepare for the upcoming withdrawal of UK from the EU.


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With the enactment of Article 50 approaching, many people are wondering what is next for Brexit.

Whether it was expected or not, several months after the UK voted in favor of leaving the UK, much is still uncertain. We saw the initial shock of the financial markets, the drop of the British pound, and even the Bank of England setting aside GBP 250 billion to keep the banking sector afloat in case of emergency.

There are still plenty of questions being raised: Will there be a hard Brexit? Will any cooperation agreement be reached between the EU and the UK? And what will be the effect on elections in France and Germany, for instance, on the position of the EU member states in this process?

In this document we bring you through some possible implications that your Belgian business could face as a result of Brexit, with a specific focus on the tax implications.

Key insights of the document:

  • What does Theresa May want? 
  • What does the new British model entail?
  • What will Brexit mean to Belgium? What are the economic consequences for Belgium?
  • Additional obstacles for international companies operating in Belgium
  • Potential tax implications for Belgium: Direct tax, indirect tax, general issues, social security
  • How the four freedoms could be affected
  • What companies can do today to begin preparing


Download the interactive PDF for the full insights.

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