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Tax & Legal Quick Scans

Tax & Legal Quick Scans

Tax & Legal Quick Scans

Is your organization consistent with the vast and rapidly changing Belgian regulatory framework?

Various tax regulations apply to your organization and the transactions it performs. KPMG can assist you in further developing your core business and become the leader in your competence field, while keeping up with the regulatory requirements.

In order to meet our clients’ regulatory needs, KPMG combine their expertise and develop online scans which offer you the possibility to perform a quick scan: a screening of the risks and opportunities within your organization. We will assist you in making your organization more tax efficient and provide you rapid feedback on questions such as: is my organization tax compliant with current/new regulations; is my organization doing a good job and how can we improve the level of tax compliance; can we pass a tax audit without the risk of high fines to be imposed?

We will assist you in detecting quick wins and covering any possible risks or fines.

Choose a quick scan for your business

Transfer Pricing
Quick Scan *

Make sure you are aligned
with the new transfer
pricing regulation

* Our Transfer Pricing quick scan provides you with a first look at whether Belgian transfer pricing legislation applies to your business and if so, what your level of exposure to potential transfer pricing risks might be. Take the self-assessment as a first step to ensuring that you are fully prepared for the tax regulation future.

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Export scan*

Detecting your strengths and
weaknesses while trading

* Doing things right the first time isn’t always easy. Even for experienced companies, business as usual doesn’t mean it is risk proof. E.g. when exporting goods out of Belgium into another country, there are many things to take into consideration: contracts, transport, insurances, etc.

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E-commerce: does your
webshop comply?

* Many organizations have discovered the advantages of having their own webshop and selling goods and services online. Yet they do not always know exactly which laws and regulations they have to take into account in doing so (e.g. consumer protection, information requirements, privacy etc.).

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