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Investment Management Regulatory Insights

Investment Management Regulatory Insights

The European investment management industry continues to face a challenging regulatory environment, with a series of long-running initiatives and new proposals on the horizon, some giving rise to new opportunities. To be successful in such interesting times, firms need to navigate a challenging course.


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Around the globe, regulators are increasing their supervisory and monitoring resources, both generally and specifically in relation to investment management. The articles on this page provide insights on how organizations can develop a holistic approach to manage the evolving investment management regulatory environment.

February 2017 Delegation of collective portfolio management –
shifting sands
January 2017 A bumpy road ahead
November 2016 Fund costs and charges come under increased scrutiny
October 2016 Socially responsible investment moves up the regulatory agenda
September 2016 Helping to turn cash into long term investment
July 2016 Brexit and ‘passports’: mapping the landscape
June 2016 Responding constructively to closer regulatory scrutiny
May 2016 New disclosure document poses significant challenges for funds
April 2016 Funds under pressure – product governance faces regulatory scrutiny
February 2016 The regulatory landscape for investment management: navigating a challenging course


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