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We've done this before, see why we are the best choice to help you.

We've done this before, see why we are the best choice to help you.

Accredited Certification Body

The Institute of Asset Management has granted us with the title of “Endorsed Assessor for PAS 55 and ISO 55001”. Currently, we are in the final stage of obtaining the Accredited Certification Body.


Knowledgeable and competent audit team

Our team has profound knowledge and proven experience in (physical) asset management. Our team members are qualified auditors with multifunctional backgrounds (such as engineers, financial auditors, business analysts,…) evidenced by their Institute of Asset Management certificate, by their financial and technical audit background and by their experience in designing and implementing an asset management system.


Broad sector knowledge

We have gained asset management experience in utilities, telecom, public and private companies and various  industries. Our people are active in chemical companies, manufacturers, pharmaceutical concerns,  organizations in maritime and transportation sector.


Respect and commitment

Our corporate values include respect for each individual and commitment to our clients. We work together with our clients and we value constructive communication. We are independent and objective towards our clients and we are committed to deliver a value-added audit and to respect each individual’s opinion while maintaining our professional judgement.


Global reach

KPMG has a well-established global network of over 174.000 professionals in 155 countries. We have regional teams who assist in our certification services, who are able to answer to specific local needs and requirements.

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