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Reports, surveys, newsletters and latest articles & publications

Reports, surveys, newsletters and latest articles & publications

Latest Articles & Publications


  • Family Firm in Harmony

Founder Eugène Alen took Belisol, the Belgian market leader in windows and doors, back into 100% ownership by the family this year. But that certainly doesn't mean that the Limburg-based company is retreating into its own region.


Reports & Surveys

  • Enduring Across Generations
    Practical suggestions and insights into building and leveraging a high-performance board, focusing on strategy and risk.
  • A lady with spirit in a typical man’s world
    But Kathleen Verhelst, from the group of the same name, can stand up for herself as well as anyone.
  • Financing family business growth: Bringing family businesses and investors together
    The funding partnership between family businesses and HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) is explored within this joint study of KPMG and WomenCorporateDirectors.
  • Fairness in Family Business Decisions: Getting the Process Right
    Fair process is often neglected in favor of an attempt to reach fair outcomes…
  • Insights on Succession in the Family Business
    In the past, succession in the family business was very patriarchal…


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