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Ten Key Regulatory Challenges Facing the Financial Services Industry

Ten Key Regulatory Challenges

With 2016 around the corner, KPMG has predicted ten key new and ongoing regulatory themes that we expect will demand the attention of financial services organizations in the coming year. The complexity of the regulatory environment and regulators’ continued focus on governance and accountability, are likely to keep these issues “front and center” as the U.S. moves into a major election cycle.


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The ten key regulatory themes include:

  • Strengthening governance and culture
  • Improving data quality, data aggregation, and data reporting
  • Merging cybersecurity and consumer data privacy
  • Accommodating the expanding scope of the consumer financial services industry
  • Addressing pressures from innovators and new market entrants
  • Transforming the effectiveness and sustainability of compliance
  • Meeting challenges in surveillance, reporting, data, and control
  • Reforming regulatory reporting
  • Examining the interplay between capital and liquidity
  • Managing the complexities of cross-border regulatory change.

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