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ACI Quarterly Newsletter

ACI Quarterly Newsletter

ACI’s Quarterly Newsletter offers articles from the ACI on regulatory and technical matters, feature audit committee “hot topics”, and include thought leadership from our extensive national and international resources.


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Audit Committee Quarterly 29

The Audit Committee Quarterly 20 discusses several items:

  • Reflections on the new Corporate Governance Code
  • Five steps to tackling culture
  • Disrupt and grow — 2017 Global CEO Outlook
  • Enhancing board evaluations
  • Non-financial reporting for Europe’s largest companies
  • Crisis readiness and response starts with prevention

Download ACI Quarterly 29

Audit Committee Quarterly 28

The Audit Committee Quarterly 28 discusses several items:
  • On the 2017 audit committee agenda
  • On het 2017 board agenda
  • New Audit Committee Handbook
  • Global Audit Committee Survey 2017 – Results
  • Brexit and Trump – Financial reporting implications
  • Directors’ liability considerations
  • Financial reporting news
  • Other news and insights

Download ACI Quarterly 28 (PDF - 2,3MB)


Audit Committee Quarterly 27

The Audit Committee Quarterly 27 discusses several items:

  • Disruptive trends
  • Global Pulse Survey results - Building a great board
  • Enhanced auditor reporting - The new long form ISA audit report
  • Four observations about auditor selection
  • Global Boardroom Insights - Board composition
  • Belgian Company Law revisited
  • Financial reporting news
  • Other news and insights

Download ACI Quarterly 27

Audit Committee Quarterly 26

The Audit Committee Quarterly 26 discusses several items:

  • Global Pulse Survey - Calibrating risk and strategy
  • Data and analytics - Hindsight to insight to foresight
  • BEPS, tranparency and country-to-country tax reporting
  • Risk oversight - Global Boardroom Insights
  • Financial reporting news
  • Other news and insights

Audit Committee Quarterly 25

The Audit Committee Quarterly 25 discusses several items:

  • Risk and volatility - Insights Annual Audit Committee Issues Conference
  • Director effectiveness - Succes by dint of hard work
  • The future of audit - Global Boardroom Insights
  • CFO succession - The better part of valuethics and integrity - Blind spots and red flags
  • Financial reporting news
  • Other news and insights

Download ACI Quarterly 25

Audit Committee Quarterly 24

The Audit Committee Quarterly 24 discusses several items:

  • The 2015 audit committee priorities
  • Global Audit Committee Survey – 2015 key findings
  • Global Boardroom Insights: Audit committee workload – keeping an eye on the ball
  • Risk culture – the tone from the top
  • The tax transparency debate
  • Getting accounting judgments and estimates “right”
  • Data & analytics: too much data... too little time?
  • Financial reporting news

Download ACI Quarterly 24

Audit Committee Quarterly 23

The Audit Committee Quarterly 23 discusses several items:

  • Global Boardroom Insights – Audit committee effectiveness
  • Revenue – A new global standard
  • Is it time to re-focus business reporting?
  • Assessing external audit effectiveness
  • The new necessity: Finding ROI from GRC
  • EU directive on disclosure of non financial information 
  • Resources

Download ACI Quarterly 23

Audit Committee Quarterly 22

The Audit Committee Quarterly 22 discusses several items:

2014 Global Audit Committee Survey results
Is the audit committee’s workload reaching a tipping point?
EU Audit reform imminent
Global Boardroom Insights: Audit quality
An introduction to cyber security for audit committees
A private company focus on governance

Download ACI Quarterly 22

Audit Committee Quarterly 21

The Audit Committee Quarterly 21 discusses several items:

  • Audit Committee Toolkit Belgium released 
  • A good board has good social dynamics 
  • Global boardroom insights: Audit committee top challenges 
  • COSO releases internal control – integrated framework (2013)
  • Is internal audit properly focused and fully utilized?
  • The future of corporate reporting: Towards a common vision 
  • Resources

Download ACI Quarterly 21

Audit Committee Quarterly 20

The Audit Committee Quarterly 20 discusses several items:

  • Sustainability in the boardroom 
  • Judgement traps an biases 
  • The Euro-zone crisis - should your board be doing anything?
  • Always keep the initiative 
  • European Commission developments 
  • Resources 

Download ACI Quarterly 20

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