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A global point of view

A global point of view

The Pulse: A global point of view on the issues impacting organizations' strategies and day-to-day operations.

A global point of view on the issues impacting organizations' & strategies

To seize opportunities, you need a deep understanding of the issues and options, best practice and global benchmarks, what is in demand now and what innovations will shape the future. That is why our Pulse Surveys are invaluable. They give you real-world insights and our global professionals’ point of view.

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2014 Pulse Surveys


Evidence-based HR - High stakes, moderate priority

HR professionals recognize evidence-based HR’s potential in fostering better retention and developing insights about talent and the skills and competencies that an organization needs.


Trends for 2015 Sourcing

Key findings from KPMG’s Sourcing Advisory 1st quarter 2015 Pulse survey focusing on the current market conditions, top opportunities and challenges and the appetite for investment.


Digital disruption

Today’s disruptive technologies – social media, mobile, analytics and cloud computing – are redefining products, services and markets, and transforming how businesses are run.


War for talent - time to change direction

There is a new war for talent, and this war is different than in the past.


KPMG Global Insights Pulse - 2Q 2014

This edition of the global Sourcing Advisory Pulse surveys explores the relationship between IT and GBS.