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Technology enabled Transformation: Driving change in a virtual world

Technology enabled Transformation: Driving change...

Technology is imperative to enabling transformation. But how the technology is utilized and integrated will make a significant difference. It’s not enough to simply have the latest tools. Successful organizations must ensure they are using the right tools and that these tools are deployed effectively across the procurement function. Scott Wharton, CPO at Citi, discusses his approach to both leveraging new technologies and examining existing tools to ensure they are utilized most effectively.


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Scott Wharton, Citi

Scott leads Citi Procurement Services globally. Prior to his current position, Scott led Citi’s Regional Corporate Services organization across the Asia-Pacific, which included Process Reengineering & Productivity, Procurement, Market Data Services, Global Event Marketing and General Services. Prior to joining Citi, Scott held the position of Asia-Pacific Region Head of Expense Management & Strategic Sourcing at Nomura, and had previously worked at other financial services companies in Asia-Pacific both as a senior manager and as a management consultant. Scott specializes in operations strategy, business reengineering and strategic procurement. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Technology in Sydney, an Executive MBA from INSEAD and an Executive MBA from Tsinghua University in Beijing.

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