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An ever-increasing range of technologies have begun to disrupt the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industries. From the Internet of Things to data analytics to marketing platforms – and beyond – emerging technologies present both opportunities and threats to TMT business leaders.

Today, many TMT leaders express optimism about the potential impact disruptive technologies will have on their businesses and their industries. But their confidence isn’t fully merited: Too many TMT firms lack the organizational capability, culture, strategic vision and a solid understanding of the impact disruptive technologies have on their sector, to successfully navigate this revolution.

KPMG and Forrester Consulting conducted a global study on disruptive technology adoption trends and the organizational and customer impact of these technologies on technology, media, and telecommunications companies. Based on a quantitative survey of more than 1,700 senior executives in 16 countries and qualitative interviews with numerous senior executives in the TMT industries, the study offers insights into the fears, opportunities, organizational changes, investments, and key performance indicators deriving from disruptive technology.

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