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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is transforming our everyday lives. KPMG has domain expertise, industry insight, proven AI frameworks, and deep technically skilled data scientists and engineering resources.

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  • Brexit


    On 31 January 2020 the United Kingdom officially left the European Union. Until 31 December 2020 we are in a transition period with the spotlight on the future (trade) relationship which must be signed by the end of the transition period to avoid basic World Trade Organization terms from being enforced. Get viewpoints from our experts on this ever-evolving matter.

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  • desk company law

    Company Law

    The Belgian corporate landscape is evolving – becoming more transparent, flexible and attractive to foreign investment. Follow our viewpoints on issues such as the new Belgian Company Code, M&A and Corporate governance.

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  • Long row a very tall windmills offshore


    With a global shift away from fossil fuels and a wider array of technologies available to harness renewable sources to secure our future energy supply, it’s a time of great change and opportunity for the energy sector. How can stakeholders reinvigorate the sector, encourage innovation to flourish and develop evidence-based policy that supports a long-term sustainable energy mix? Read on to find out what our experts have to say.

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  • Boy on father shoulder overlooking construction site

    Family Owned Businesses

    Family-owned businesses have always been at the heart of the Belgian economy. They are distinguished by their long-term vision over generations and have survived and thrived through a variety of financial, technological, political, and social changes. Each new generation of entrepreneur is faced with the challenge of finding a balance between maximizing profits and creating job security, whilst also retaining family control, growing family assets and preserving their core values. How do you build your family’s legacy while ensuring the continued success of your business?

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  • Close-up of binoculars on table


    Innovation is about more than just coming up with new ideas. It’s about executing an idea and implementing real change to solve a challenge in a way that delivers value for the organization, its ecosystem, and its innovation culture. Read on to learn more about how we see innovation, and how to make it work for your organization.

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  • Leadership


    Leadership at KPMG is about helping others to do the right things, setting direction, building an inspiring and feasible vision and creating a framework that encourages innovation.

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  • People crossing road bike


    Reflecting a shift in lifestyle and values, employees are increasingly turning to bicycles and scooters, cash compensation, a smaller company car or a combination of several means of transport for their daily commute. As the mentality around mobility evolves, explore innovative thinking around how to meet the flexibility needs of the 21st century workforce.

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  • aerial view of people coming together to form two hands


    Whether employee or executive, supplier or shareholder, client or customer, taking a human approach to the people you work with can have an enormously positive impact on your business. Read on to find out more of what we’ve learned by putting people first.

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  • Sustainability


    Sustainability is higher than ever on the agenda of forward-thinking directors and CEOs in Europe and across the globe. It stands for innovation, being competitive in recruiting and retaining talent, as well as creating new products or services. More importantly, a growing group of consumers and companies now only do business with sustainable organizations. Read on to learn more about why factoring sustainability into your strategy makes good business sense.

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  • reimagine order blocks

    Tax Reimagined

    While businesses still need traditional technical tax advice, the tax profession is rapidly evolving. New skill-sets and different combinations of capabilities are needed to deliver services for tax transformation, tax management, and tax technology projects in a successful way. It’s time to reimagine the tax function.

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  • transfer pricing

    Transfer Pricing

    Transfer pricing is an accounting practice for pricing goods and services transferred within a multinational or trans-national company in order to reduce tax burdens and maximize profits. Transfer pricing allows for the establishment of prices for the goods and services exchanged between a subsidiary, an affiliate, or commonly controlled companies that are part of the same larger enterprise.

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