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Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

Our member firms advise both public and privately owned transport groups. Our capabilities cover:

  • aviation (airports, airlines and airline services)
  • shipping and ports
  • land transport (heavy and light rail, coach, bus and transit)
  • road freight and logistics (including postal).

We understand the financial and operational drivers of the transport sector and can assist our firms' clients in dealing with current and emerging issues such as market consolidation, deregulation, public private partnerships and financing.

shipping briefing 3

Shipping Insights Briefing - Issue 3, 2015

This report explores trends behind the the latest M&A activities in the shipping sector...

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Transport IFRS 15 leaflet image: Busy train station

Transport companies – Implementing IFRS 15

We look at possible impacts of IFRS 15, actions that may be needed, and how KPMG can help.

ship airplane logistics

Transport Tracker - March/April 2015

This fourth edition focuses on M&A activities in 2014 and Q1 of 2015, impact of falling...

Transport system illustration

Transport Ecosystem

Transport network stakeholders and interfaces


KPMG’s Global Shipping Conference 2015

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