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Strategy advice

Strategy advice

We help our clients to define and implement strategies that allow them to outperform their competitors with respect to sustainable growth

We help our clients to implement strategies that help them to outperform their competitors

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We help our clients to define and implement strategies that allow them to outperform their competitors with respect to sustainable growth, to successfully restructure their business portfolio and to deliver the benefits of their historic and future transactions.

Market driven strategies

Understanding what it takes to succeed in a market is a prerequisite for execution of any transaction or investment. With a view to your planned investment or divestment, we perform a detailed study of the market size and growth potential, regulatory and competitive environment, key drivers and possible future developments. We help you to assess the attractiveness of the industry and to evaluate strategic options as you plan to enter a new market, expand your existing business, consolidate or exit the market.

Business plan review

We challenge and test the assumptions that form the basis of a company business plan and its ability to meet revenue and cash flow projections. In order to test top line assumptions, we assess the market environment based on interviews with market players and industry experts and the latest actual data provided by leading research agencies. This is ideal for transactions where a target's growth projections are aggressive, reliant on small number of crucial factors, or based on a limited track record of performance or limited historical information.  

Business modeling

We help our clients to make optimal business decisions enhancing their ability to predict and measure financial impact of business activities in a changing environment through application of rigorous analytical modeling techniques. Our approach allows for generation of quality insights into the current and future performance of a broad range of your strategic initiatives, beginning with a planned product launch, integration of an acquired business and ending with market exit or cost cutting programme. 

Business portfolio review

Resources constraints are a part of reality we are facing today even more than yesterday. Focusing limited resources – time, money, risk – on the right initiative is therefore paramount to succeed. We help our clients to review their business activities based on their future value potential and the current resource consumption. This allows our clients to deploy "norm strategies" for defined portfolio segments and to redirect cash flows how required.

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