COVID-19: 5 positive news about asset revaluation

Registration for the KPMG webinar is opened.

Registration for the KPMG webinar is opened.

The world economy is facing a serious challenge, but many industries are recovering faster than it was expected. Further development of the situation still remains unpredictable, and the companies have to consider impairment recognition. Is everything that bad

You can find out about it at our webinar COVID-19: 5 positive news about asset revaluation on July 28 from 12:00 to 14:00 (BAKU).

During the webinar we will give examples of some industries, talk about trends and nuances, which must be considered when revaluing investments/goodwill/collaterals in those industries. Moreover, we will give recommendations on revaluation on post-COVID dates.

We expect the webinar to be useful for the employees of financial services, investment functions, as well as credit departments (within financial organizations).

During the webinar KPMG experts will share their ideas, as well as answer your questions. Please prepare your questions in advance.

Preliminary registration for the webinar is mandatory.


Please indicate your corporate e-mail at the registration.

Only limited number of applicants will be accepted.

You can join the webinar through Google Chrome browser or through mobile applications at Google Play and App Store.

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Date: 28 July 2020 
Time: 12:00 - 14:00 (BAKU)
Language: Russian

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