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In addition to being one of the leading international professional services companies, KPMG is also one of the most attractive employers for both young specialists and experienced professionals. By choosing KPMG, you will open new possibilities for development and reap the benefits of a number of other advantages.

Career Progression

KPMG works with our people to build challenging and rewarding careers.

KPMG recognizes talent, and we'll provide opportunities for individuals to grow and achieve. KPMG invites you to reach higher with ongoing training and a progressive career path. 

Maybe you want to make Partner by the time you’re 30. Or perhaps you want a long-term assignment abroad, or to work across service lines and get a really broad range of experience. 

It’s up to you to decide your next move, and how to make it happen, but at KPMG you’ll get great career support and encouragement to explore potential career paths and opportunities. A robust Learning and Development agenda coaches interpersonal or soft skills as well as industry and technically focused training throughout your KPMG career. 

You will have the opportunity to work closely with business leaders who will provide a clear picture of your initial career path and your development possibilities. We link our regular performance reviews with career progression planning.

Global Opportunities

The talented people we wish to recruit are increasingly willing to move between countries. Individuals have become far more mobile and intent upon widening their level of professional experience by seeking opportunities to work worldwide.  

Global Mobility Through KPMG's Global Mobility program, global opportunities are made available, in which qualified employees can take on international assignments. There are also opportunities to go on secondment to a client or other organization, as well. 

KPMG's global mobility program is designed to optimally expose our employees to different working methods, client environments and even cultures. Whatever your motivations, KPMG will try to find a fit to help advance your professional career development.

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