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The KPMG Tax Academy delivers a tailored learning experience designed to support busy tax professionals.

Our industry leaders will teach you how to increase efficiency, unlock value, and deliver deeper insights to elevate the role of tax in your organisation.

With our blended delivery model, you will get updates on the latest regulatory and market developments accompanied by insights on best practice from our tax specialists and industry network.

All courses may contribute to CPD/E credentials and can be completed online and on demand. They cover cutting-edge approaches to specific areas of tax specialisation, tax technology and tax transformation.

Stay at the top of your game - in your own way, at your own pace.

Why learn with us?

KPMG Tax Academy empowers you to stay up-to-date with industry developments and a rapidly changing regulatory environment, even among the hustle and bustle of your workday. With the flexibility to self-pace learning across a suite of modules, you can complete courses online at a time convenient to you.

  • Learn from industry leaders
    • Specialists across all areas of tax
    • ITR 2019 Australian Tax Firm of the Year
    • F2F/virtual workshops
  • Access tax training on demand
    • Complete modules at your convenience
    • Purchase only the modules you need
    • New modules released seasonally
  • Customise your learning experience
    • Pick and mix modules for a bespoke program
    • Learn about tax, technology and transformation
    • Self-pace a learning program over the year

Learning modules

Each module has been developed and will be regularly updated by our tax specialists so you can feel confident you’re across the very latest regulatory changes, market trends and best practice processes.

  • GST Fundamentals: Importation

    GST Fundamentals: Importation

    This module will provide users with a clear understanding of the key principles of GST and best practice process in a cross-border context, and the associated complexity when dealing with suppliers and customers in multiple jurisdictions with different tax systems.

    Digital course
    1. Introduction to GST for importations
    2. Key concepts:
      • Separate cross-border regime
      • Taxable importations
      • Importation risk considerations
      • Valuation of taxable importations
      • Payment of GST for importations
      • Creditable importations
    3. Regulatory update
    4. Best practice process
    5. Case-based assessment

    1 hour session facilitated by a KPMG GST specialist to:

    • Consolidate learnings
    • Discuss recent decisions and rulings
    • Demonstrate advanced use cases of tax tech
    • Discuss key opportunities and challenges
    • Answer specific follow-up questions
  • Tax Data & Analytics Fundamentals

    Tax Data & Analytics Fundamentals
    Coming soon

    Understand the best practice analytics software tools and techniques for automation, data processing and data visualisation. The module includes an interactive workshop where participants learn to develop a reporting dashboard first-hand.

    Digital course
    1. Introduction to data analytics for tax
    2. Key concepts:
      • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
      • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
      • Data extraction
      • Data processing
      • Data visualisation
      • Dashboard reporting
        • Tax data framework
        • Analytics software
        • Best practice process
        • Case-based assessment

    1 hour session facilitated by a KPMG tax D&A specialist to:

    • Consolidate learnings
    • Discuss recent technological developments
    • Demonstrate advanced use cases e.g. predictive analytics
    • Discuss key opportunities and challenges
    • Answer specific follow-up questions
  • Tax Transformation Fundamentals

    Tax Transformation Fundamentals
    Coming soon

    This module will provide users with a clear understanding of the key principles for developing a tax function fit for purpose, with a continuous improvement culture. This includes best practice approaches to sourcing, operations and performance.

    Digital course
    1. Introduction to tax strategy and the case for transformation
    2. Core concepts:
      • Process-mapping
      • Tax governance
      • Operational maturity
      • Sourcing models
      • Performance management
      • Tax technology
      • Automation and analytics
    3. Drivers of change
      • Geopolitics and geo-economics
      • Regulation and legislation
      • Company initiatives
      • Technology & process
    4. Developing a business case for change
    5. Considerations for sustainable transformation
    6. Developing a continuous improvement culture
    7. Case-based assessment

    1 hour session facilitated by a KPMG tax transformation specialist to:

    • Consolidate learnings including assessment
    • Discuss recent developments and impact on case for transformation
    • Discuss key opportunities and challenges
    • Answer specific follow-up questions

Meet our facilitators

Anthony Versace
Anthony Versace
Courses: GST Fundamentals: Importation

Anthony has over 20 years experience with KPMG providing indirect tax advice to clients across all industries with a specific focus on financial services entities, large corporates, multi-nationals and privately owned businesses. This includes advising on the GST implications associated with complex multi-party and cross border transactions.

View profile >

Roseanne Ross
Roseanne Ross
Courses: GST Fundamentals: Importation

Roseanne has over 15 years of experience advising on indirect taxes. Prior to joining KPMG Australia in February 2011, Roseanne was a member of the indirect tax advisory team in the Scottish KPMG practice and also worked as a VAT Advice Officer with the UK Tax Authorities.

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Our learning method

  • Learning checkpoints
  • Case-based assessments
  • Learning log
  • Interactive Q&A
  • Progress tracking
  • Summaries for CPD/E-reports

Price per module

  • Groups of 5 or more people (same organisation) $499 p/p + GST + Admin fee
  • Individuals/groups of less than five people $699 p/p + GST + Admin fee
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