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Think people first

Payroll is important because your people are important.


We will help you navigate your payroll compliance position with your people in mind. We can assess your position, accelerate any remediation activities and transform your payroll monitoring capabilities to enhance your business operations for the constantly changing landscape. Payroll is important because your people are important.

Payroll legislation is constantly evolving and the impact on those on the payroll is changing too. The payroll network requires expert navigation to ensure your people and your company’s reputation are protected. Non-compliance with payroll rules can lead to significant impact, both financial and on the people affected.

KPMG ThinkPay offers a holistic approach to payroll compliance. Our Health Check offers Enterprise companies an assessment to see whether they have a payroll compliance issue. Larger companies can engage an investigation into the extent of a payroll problem. That can lead to a remediation stage that addresses how to fix the problem. Lastly, there is a maintain stage where intel and processes are implemented to ensure long term future orientation.

Compliance strategies

Health Check

Take our short diagnostic survey to evaluate whether you have a payroll compliance issue, and engage our team for a comprehensive health check.

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We provide a technology-enabled solution that will help you understand how to take proactive action. We report on the size and value of the problem, and the impact.


We help you design and operate a fit-for-purpose remediation program to quickly address the issue – whether it be identifying gaps in existing processes or repaying your people to address underpayments.


Scalable future orientated options that embed monitoring and regular assurance systems for payroll integrity.

Meet the team

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