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Fringe Benefits Tax Automator

Fringe Benefits Tax Automator

KPMG’s FBT Automator allows businesses to gain quantitative insights and visibility on the status of their Fringe Benefits Tax obligations.

An end-to-end FBT solution.

An end-to-end FBT solution

Fringe benefits tax compliance is still a highly manual process in many organisations. The review of internal general ledger, payroll, expense system data and third party information is often a time consuming and arduous process. The demanding time pressures surrounding the FBT return lodgement take a toll on resources and the organisation’s competing priorities.

KPMG's FBT Automator is designed to make this simple.

Our approach combines sophisticated data analysis with automation to streamline the compliance process and uncover financial opportunities. Coupled with the vast experience and deep insights of KPMG’s tax professionals, FBT Automator can help instil consistent, transparent procedures and controls, removing the highly manual process currently used to compile an organisations FBT return.

Key features

What insights can the FBT Automator provide for FBT return preparation? 

  • Test validity of manual data capturing for fringe benefits such as entertainment, subscriptions, taxi travel and study reimbursements.
  • Benchmark the benefit provided by your organisation to others within the industry and by revenue.

Specific data intensive tasks supported by the FBT Automator include:

  • Meal entertainment
  • Car Fringe Benefits 
  • Interest on loans 
  • Minor and infrequent benefits 
  • Car parking 
  • Housing expense benefits
  • Other expense benefits
  • Gifts and awards 
  • Childcare and clothing benefits
  • Other bespoke areas of concerns for your organisation.

For more information, read our FBT Automator factsheet (PDF 822KB).

To discuss further or for a demonstration, contact one of our experts.

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