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Legal Operations & Transformation Services

Legal Operations & Transformation

Transforming the in-house legal function for a more complex future.

Transforming the in-house legal function for a more complex future.

The evolving role of in-house legal teams presents both challenges and opportunities to make a real impact. General Counsels and Legal Executives support a growing spectrum of risk, compliance, governance, operations and regulatory issues. They are being challenged to deliver on this growing mandate, to provide practical legal advice to support day-to-day business activity and pro-actively and collaboratively engage with their key business stakeholders.

However, with head-count, technology and budgets, tweaking the existing operating model may not be sufficient to meet this challenge.

In-house legal teams need to revisit their operating model, investigate technology solutions, reassess their processes, and seek to transform so they are positioned to provide efficient and high quality support to their business.


We’re here to help

At KPMG, our Legal Operations & Transformation Services can support in-house legal teams on their transformation journey.

We bring together lawyers, legal project managers, business process engineers, data scientists and legal technologists to assess current processes, help define your future operating model, demystify ‘legal tech’ offerings, and implement technology-assisted approaches to the delivery of in-house legal services.

We leverage strategic partnerships with third party technology providers, along with KPMG’s data analytics and advanced technology capabilities, to help you transform into a legal team fit for the future.


Make an impact

Focusing on the interplay of people, process and technology, we assess your current state and help you to re-imagine your future legal services delivery model.

We work collaboratively with you to design and implement your Transformation Plan. We help you through:

  • design thinking workshops focused on business partnership and collaboration
  • project management platforms
  • process automation
  • technology-assisted document review
  • document management
  • entity management and compliance 
  • risk management tools
  • regulatory compliance.


Our deep expertise

We identify, assess and implement technology and associated process improvement initiatives, to help you to automate activities, reduce waste, and enhance efficiency.

We bring together the right team for your needs, including:

  • KPMG Law to determine that the basis of your automation and scale is grounded in quality legal frameworks.
  • KPMG industry experts to highlight the industry dynamics and international trends that should be considered in your transformation journey.
  • Managed services for efficient outsourcing. For example, technology enhanced managed legal services can support in-house teams to deliver on high volume, low value, low risk work. We also support global entity management activities to assist group entities to remain compliant with local and foreign laws and regulations.
  • KPMG’s broader offerings such as our Risk Consulting and Forensic Services offerings to conduct assessments of compliance, and to support enhancement of compliance programs.


How we can help

Our Legal Operations & Transformation Services team can provide a range of services that will help transform your legal function.

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