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KPMG LINK Business Traveller

Business Traveller

KPMG's LINK Business Traveller software solution can help transform the way your business manages global business travel.

Business Traveller can help transform the way your business manages business travel.

Increased tax transparency, reporting and information sharing between global tax and immigration authorities require that employers have tools and processes in place to plan for and comply with tax and social security obligations arising in relation to business travellers.

The consequences of failing to comply are serious: monetary fines, reputation risk and bans on operating in that location can seriously jeopardise an organisation's relationship with government authorities, and impair its ability to pursue international opportunities.

KPMG's Business Traveller software solution provides market-leading technology to manage the significant tax, social security and immigration risks posed by international business travellers.

The software will track all business travellers and, based on the tax, social security and immigration legislation for over 60 countries, flag potential issues, empowering the employer to make informed business decisions and proactively address any exposures before they arise.

How can Business Traveller help you?

KPMG's Business Traveller is a flexible software solution and can support your organisation, no matter how big or small:

  • Smart phone app allows employees to enter details of proposed travel at their convenience. Alternatively, data can be loaded from your corporate travel provider.
  • Online dashboard, reporting functionality and alerts allow real-time monitoring of employee travel plans.
  • Clear assessments provide risk ratings for each trip, and a summary of action items.
  • Regular workshops with our tax and immigration experts are available to help you prioritise and deal with compliance issues flagged by Business Traveller, wherever in the world these may arise.

Read our factsheet – Before your employees check in for business travel (PDF 207.1KB) for more information, or contact us for a technology demonstration.

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