What is payroll compliance? Payroll compliance goes beyond paying your employees on time. It means having a well-tested, future proof system that incorporates the complex payroll compliance legislation.

Now more than ever, preparing your business to respond to the current and upcoming challenges can feel overwhelming. 

The way businesses have had to adapt, particularly over the last while, with significant challenges brought to bear, and new ways of working playing a significant part in this complex scenario.

The payroll network requires expert navigation to ensure your people and your company’s reputation are protected. Non-compliance with payroll rules can lead to significant impact, both financial and on the people affected. Our robust system, along with our highly skilled consultants, will ensure your organisation meets Australian payroll compliance requirements.

What is KPMG ThinkPay?

KPMG ThinkPay is a multidisciplinary team with expertise across risk, assurance, workplace relations advisory, employment law, tax and data analytics. We offer a holistic approach to payroll compliance.

The KPMG ThinkPay approach involves two main stages:

Investigate & Remediate

This means working with clients to acquire employee, time and attendance and payroll data. We also work with you and third-party experts to interpret the relevant industrial instruments and develop pay rules. This helps to calculate employee payments in accordance with the above, reconciling to payslip transactions and identifying variances. We provide results through workshops, analytics, and follow up root cause analysis.

Maintain & Transform

We appreciate remediation activities are timely and costly matters. We examine ways to leverage work already performed and provide solutions to uplift existing practices. This could be through ongoing monitoring or routine interval check-ups. We also help organisations unlock the value of managing payroll and people matters beyond compliance through implementing technology driven solutions and advanced people analytics to optimise workforce and operational decisions.

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Think people, think KPMG ThinkPay

Learn more about how KPMG ThinkPay can simplify your payroll operation systems to ensure compliance.

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Our approach

KPMG's ThinkPay team will review your payroll environment to better understand your organisation's workforce profile, employment arrangements, payroll systems and governance, providing you with a rapid understanding of any vulnerabilities and areas of risk.

We will assist you to understand your payroll and industrial instrument landscape to identify potential exposure to wage non-compliance, undertake vulnerability assessments of the payroll environment, understand key risk indicators and recommend next steps to undertake further analysis.

Take our short diagnostic survey to self-assess whether you have a potential payroll compliance issue and contact us about KPMG ThinkPay.

Why is payroll compliance important?

Payroll compliance is important because your people are important. The payroll network requires expert navigation to ensure your people and your business are protected. Wage compliance and integrity affects all industries – there is no one sector that is immune to underpayment or overpayment issues. By drawing on our subject matter experts, KPMG is uniquely positioned to help you navigate the complexities if your payroll environment.

KPMG ThinkPay webinar series

Navigating the wage compliance landscape.

Regulatory perspective

Webinar 1 – Sandra Parker and Kristen Hannah of the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) provided an insight into the current employment landscape from a regulator's perspective.

Corporate perspective

Webinar 2 – Angus McKay, CEO and Managing Director of 7-Eleven Australia, and Elizabeth Ferrier, Group Head, Employee & Industrial Relations of Toll provided their insights into managing wage compliance from the corporate perspective.

Counsel’s perspective: Wage Theft Act 2020

Webinar 3 – Matthew Minucci of Counsel provided legal insights and challenges relating to the introduction of wage theft laws.

Wage Inspectorate Victoria

Webinar 4 – Robert Hortle, Commissioner of Wage Inspectorate Victoria, and Jessica Downey, Assistant Director, Wage Theft provided insights into operationalising the Wage Theft Act from a regulatory point of view.

If you are interested in receiving the recording for any of the above webinars, contact a member of the KPMG ThinkPay team.

Meet the team

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