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KPMG Innovation Factory

KPMG Innovation Factory

Source and develop new ideas that drive growth, while enhancing a culture of transparency, experimentation and innovative ownership for employees.

Source and develop new ideas that drive growth through experimentation and innovation.

To thrive in the face of rapid change and disruption, it’s vital that business and innovation leaders create new growth opportunities while enabling the right cultural change within their organisations.

KPMG Innovation Factory helps your employees and stakeholders harness and implement new ideas that drive growth. It includes a flexible, secure Software as-a-Service platform with a robust set of strategic and tactical services that supports every stage of new idea selection and development. This hybrid platform/services approach helps drive the execution of innovative products and services, build alignment with strategic goals, and impact broader cultural change.


KPMG Innovation Factory supports you to:

  • transparently address key business opportunities and challenges
  • encourage broad responsibility around idea sourcing, development and execution
  • increase awareness of key business trends and opportunities
  • outsource support and guidance so your innovation professionals can focus on strategic value add opportunities
  • encourage employee autonomy and openness to experimentation.


From innovative ideas to business impact

Strategy: Gain a strategic perspective to address business and innovation opportunities.

Cultural Change: Build a long-term perspective focused on driving broader cultural change.

Global Support: Take advantage of best practices and resources drawn from KPMG's global network.

Platform: Access a flexible, secure platform that supports every stage of new idea selection and development.

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