KPMG Hackathon

KPMG Hackathon

Empower your people to think differently, create and innovate, to bring new products and services to market quickly and successfully.

Empower your people to think differently, to bring new products and services to market.

Organisations must transform rapidly and continuously to remain relevant in today’s disruptive business environment. They need to build innovative cultures, be on the front foot of emerging technology, put data at the core of their decision making, and think ‘customer first’ at every step.

Part of this involves regularly taking the time to explore and introduce new products, services and solutions to stay on the path to growth.

But the days of spending months or years on a strategy or business case, then taking even longer to put it into action, are over. Instead, companies have to make transformation happen, and take ideas through to commercialisation, with rapid speed, before a competitor does.

This is where a KPMG Hackathon can offer a vital edge.


Ready, set, hack with KPMG

Our hackathons are about collaboration, problem solving, and innovation. Think speed, creativity, and results. They will help organisations transform, innovate, and bring new products and services to market quickly and successfully.

They are designed to bring the necessary momentum to empower your people to think differently, create and innovate, while providing a helpful structure to reach outcomes.


Your unique hackathon with KPMG – make change happen

What’s your objective? A culture of innovation, a new product or service, or improved customer experiences end-to-end? We’ll help you drill into the problem, harness diversity of thinking, and develop a prototype solution, quickly.

A KPMG Hackathon will:

  • take place over 48 to 72 hours
  • be held in a creative and ‘safe to fail’ environment – vital to a hackathon’s success is fostering a welcoming space for people to feel able to share their ideas, and to experiment without fear of failure
  • be immersive
  • be collaborative
  • embrace emerging technology.


We plan, so you can create

Facilitation: We take care of the event design, facilitation, bringing the right people and skills together.

Technical expertise: We draw on KPMG’s vast expertise to help you have the right skillsets on hand to move fast. These may include developers, data engineers, data scientists, RPA developers, machine learning and/or AI specialists.

Your journey: We’ll be with you from end-to-end to assist with design, ideation, prototyping and pitching your hackathon solutions.

Emerging technology: We’ll help you explore and learn about new technologies, harness their potential for your business and assist you in building prototypes.


Powerful outcomes

By participating in a KPMG Hackathon, you can:

  • empower your people to think differently, create and innovate
  • solve whole-of-business problems
  • create new products and services
  • enjoy a fun, inspired, and collaborative environment.


See our hackathons in action


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