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High Growth Ventures

High Growth Ventures

Helping founders achieve sustained high performance.

Helping founders achieve sustained high performance.

Welcome to High Growth Ventures, KPMG’s dedicated startup team helping founders achieve sustained high performance.

Founder focused. Founder first.

We believe the success of a startup begins with the founder. A founder’s vision, ability to execute, communicate, lead and build culture, will make or break their startup. Put simply: a high performance scale up, cannot exist without high performance founders and leaders. That’s why we’ve designed The Founder Program and a bespoke startup service that connects founders to the local and global expertise of KPMG, to support the sustained high performance of founders and their startup.

Our offering helps you scale your startup and grow into a successful and globally competitive business.

Our programs help you achieve sustained high performance through a focus on mental and physical wellbeing.

Suits & Startups.

We’re a team with startup backgrounds and as a result have established networks within the industry and are active members of the ecosystem.

Our unique placement allows us to unite founders with KPMG’s global connections and capabilities, guiding you to the right resources within KPMG to provide you with advice and support to help your business achieve rapid and sustained growth.

Our consultative approach, experienced team and founder focus sets us apart.

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