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Don't just evolve with cyber threats. Outpace them.

Now, more than ever, our digitally connected, global landscape means Australian businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Why wait until an incident happens to deal with cyber threats? Proactive monitoring gives you visibility across your business environment so you can see what’s coming, respond proactively and recover quickly in the event of an attack.

CyberHat1 is a leading cyber security provider that offers CYREBRO – a turnkey cyber security solution that can give you enhanced visibility. All in an affordable package that is sized to the needs of your business.

Security breaches can negatively impact your brand’s reputation, a customer’s experience, investor confidence or even directly interfere with your operations. And, recovering from such breaches can be costly and disruptive.

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What is CYREBRO ®

CYREBRO, a Managed Security Operation Center (SOC), provides the ability to make smart, fast, effective decisions based on centralised information and visibility on your organisation’s network.

CYREBRO teams, from CyberHat, monitor and detect suspicious activity in real time. Through unique methodologies, technology integration, and smart automation, CYREBRO manages the overwhelming security logs and reduce the workload on understaffed teams, enabling increased productivity and a stronger security presence.

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A smart SOC for businesses of all sizes

CYREBRO provides a cohesive cyber security platform for organisations looking to maximise their cyber security capabilities

24/7 monitoring, identifying cyber-threats that may affect your business, saving time and resources.

Incident Response:
Provides real-time response and mitigation to cyber security incidents, giving you the ability to grow with confidence and the peace of mind that any attempted cyber-threats will be handled in a professional manner.

Threat Intelligence:
Delivers daily Indication of Compromise (IOC) updates based on granular contextual information and the use of data mining tools (cyber-threats research, investigations of global campaigns).

Threat Hunting:
Identifying, assessing and improving the customer’s detection capabilities by thoroughly searching cyber threats and malicious activities.

Consistent development and learning processes that include rules optimisation, IOC updates, implementation of new detection technologies and maximising prior client cyber security investments.

Forensic Investigations:
Ongoing investigation processes of suspected malicious activities and cyber threats, including post-mortem analysis of verified incidents.

Available in two options depending on your business needs

The CyberHat offering is available in two options. Please note, the offer of 45 day free* trial applies to CYREBRO® One.

Available in two offerings depending on your business needs

Start your free trial today

Contact us to start your 45 day free* trial of CYREBRO Managed SOC. The trial includes:

  • a fully licensed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software solution
  • proprietary end point agents
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • threat intelligence and incident response teams.

* Disclaimer: 45 day free trial covers up to 100 machines and 100 EPS SIEM license capacity. Larger environments will be discovered separately for scope and pricing.

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KPMG works with your business

We know that it’s the entrepreneurs, family businesses and fast-growing companies like yours that fuel Australia’s economy.

No matter where you are on your cyber security journey, we can help you reach the destination – a place of confidence from which you can focus on running your business.

Through our alliance with CyberHat, we offer a business lens to cyber security to help you actively protect your assets, operations and reputation. Together, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you as your strategic and technical adviser, helping you monitor and manage your cyber risks in terms that you can understand.

By bringing our diverse expertise together, KPMG gives you the confidence to focus on the things that will make an impact to your business and help you succeed.

About CyberHat

With offices in the US and Israel, CyberHat provides professional cyber security solutions that enable clients to grow their business and keep their working environment and data secure. Drawing on extensive hands-on experience conducting forensic and post-mortem cyber security investigations, advanced hacking simulations and cyber assessments for public and private companies of all sizes, CyberHat protects organisations in many different sectors, including financial services, retail, telecom, energy and infrastructure.

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