Tap into the transformative power of blockchain

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have the potential to reshape the very fundamentals of how industries operate. From financial services to agriculture, these emerging technologies possess the power to discover unforeseen opportunity, while enabling trust, streamlined data reconciliation, immutability and transparency.

With a passion for reimagining industries with emerging technologies, KPMG Blockchain Services helps you unlock new, innovative business models, and optimise existing processes within and across organisational boundaries.

From permissioned enterprise ecosystems to scalable cryptocurrency use cases, we help organisations navigate the emerging technologies landscape across blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

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Leverage our expertise in delivering technology-enabled solutions to industry problems

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Derisk technology implementation and operation projects associated with distributed ledger technology

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Access KPMG-built accelerators and enablers, which help you achieve your objectives faster

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We see problems through industry lenses


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Audit and Assurance: Our team can assist with crypto-forensic services, blockchain for sustainability and risk management, risk control design and assurance.

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Consulting: From blockchain business process and ROI modelling to market access and control, our team work with you to understand the next frontiers of growth that emerging technology can provide.

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Deals and Tax: We provide crypto-asset related tax support, along with deal and transaction assistance in areas such as license application and business model design.

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Innovation: Realise the immense potential that emerging technology provides. We’re here to support your ideas, from proof of concept to commercial success.

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