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Microsoft Solutions for Disability and Home Care

Microsoft Solutions for Disability and Home Care

A solution for disability and home care providers, connecting care workers, service delivery and financials to customers, built on Dynamics 365.

Customer-centric Microsoft technology solution for disability and home care providers.

Disability and Home Care is undergoing an unprecedented rate and scale of change. This is forcing providers to re-imagine how they attract consumers and deliver cost-effective services.

The current changes in NDIS reform have created a fundamental shift in how disability and home care service providers engage with customers and generate revenue to fund service delivery. Thriving in this market-based system will require fresh thinking, new technology, and alternative ways of working to meet customer needs.

In reponse to the changing needs of disability and home care organisations, KPMG have assembled a cross-functional Disability & Home Care team. The team is represented by KPMG professionals from Health, Ageing & Human Services, Technology Strategy & Performance, and Microsoft Solutions.

Why choose Disability & Home Care by KPMG?

KPMG have identified a critical need for a technology platform that can meet today’s industry demands, and keep pace with the changes of tomorrow. As a result, we have built the Disability & Home Care solution, providing a single view of your customers, empowering you to deliver an improved customer experience by connecting front office and back of house.

The solution is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform, combining both CRM and ERP functionality. This allows organisations to effortlessly share data between the front office and back of house, enabling quality service delivery and reporting.

KPMG’s Disability & Home Care solution allows participants to receive a highly personalised approach to care. Regardless of the assigned care worker, customers can receive the care they need due to deep insights into support networks, goals, medical records, case notes, and care preferences.

Front office capabilities are deeply connected to the back office, where staff work to deliver quality care and service.

Disability and Home Care by KPMG provides a seamless, digital workflow from the management of enquiries, through to delivering services, and service improvement.


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