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KPMG Powered EPM

KPMG Powered EPM

Accelerate value with Powered Enterprise Performance Management.

Accelerate value with Powered Enterprise Performance Management.

Use automation, predictive analytics and cognitive learning to extend the traditional role of EPM.


Powered Enterprise | EPM is designed to help CFOs answer questions such as:

  • Can I align our strategy and performance measures?
  • Do I spend more time gathering data and creating forecasts than I do analysing the business? 
  • Are our forecasts based on predictions or lagging indicators?
  • Do I have the integrated data to create accurate forecasts and compare them to actual performance?
  • How do we tie forecasts to individual people to drive change in the organisation?

What’s in the box?

Powered Enterprise | EPM provides a formidable combination of leading practices and processes, proven technology solutions and a next-generation delivery framework.

  • The Powered operating model – shapes how transformation plays through every layer of your organisation.
  • The Powered execution suite – is an integrated platform of next generation tools to help deliver functional transformation.
  • Powered managed services – access to specialised resources to drive continuing evolution.

Powered Enterprise | EPM provides:

  • a jump-start to the digital transformation of your EPM function
  • immediate access to leading EPM practices and processes
  • validated solutions with proven real-world usability
  • reduced implementation risks and enhanced ROI
  • high-touch change management and employee experience
  • a solid platform for continuing evolution and progress.

Imagine your EPM function with…

  • reduced costs by 15-40 percent by going to the cloud
  • transformation payback in 12-18 months.


Operating consistently across functions

In addition to EPM, KPMG can provide Powered Enterprise solutions for:

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