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KPMG Powered EPM

KPMG Powered EPM

Dynamic insight to optimise business performance across the enterprise.

Accelerate transformation with pre-configured, business-led EPM solutions.

Highly developed planning and analysis capabilities are a must for any leading CFO. In a world of disruption, teams need to do more, and faster, while also looking to the future.

Having all of your business performance information at your fingertips could help your teams achieve this with less complexity.

KPMG Powered EPM can help you drive business value. It makes it easier to manage, analyse and predict performance, anticipate and adapt swiftly to market conditions, and to know which products, services, channels, customers and geographies will drive growth.

The pre-defined solution can be tailored quickly to your organisation, so you can focus on the parts that matter most. It is backed by KPMG’s extensive experience and leading strategies to give you a rapid start. Features include:

  • project delivery tools
  • business process library
  • controls and KPIs
  • pre-configured Oracle Cloud applications
  • test manager and scripts
  • organisational design and training guides
  • community support centre.

KPMG Powered EPM has three levels: Focused, Expanded and Enterprise. You can begin by focusing on a particular business need, and scale up as your business grows.

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Learn how KPMG is investing in its technology enablement capability to help clients enhance business processes and technology decisions, and simplify their transformation journey.

In addition to EPM, KPMG can provide technology solutions for:

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