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Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management

Controls over privileged users are not only a business imperative, they are also mandated by regulatory compliance and industry standards.

Prevent security breaches, insider attacks and comply with regulatory mandates.

Organisations must maintain system accounts with powerful sets of administrator-level privileges. These accounts can be used to add or remove users, delete or replace critical files, and enact other activities without the restrictions that apply to normal accounts. Ensuring that credentials for these privileged accounts are only available to trusted users falls within the domain of a Privileged Access Management solution.

A fully-featured Privileged Access Management solution enables an organisation to:

  • control the provisioning and lifecycle management of privileged accounts
  • ensure that the authentication of privileged accounts is secure by enforcing regular password changes or providing a password ‘check-out/check-in’ mechanism
  • govern the authorisation access rights provided to privileged accounts
  • audit the use of privileged accounts via event logs, session recording, and more.

Privileged accounts are typically the first targets for internal and external attackers. Privileged Access Management solutions therefore play a critical role within your organisation’s lines of defence.

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