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Federation & Single Sign-On

Federation & Single Sign-On

Leveraging digital identity to federate data and services.

Leveraging digital identity to federate data and services.

Federation & Single Sign-On are important technologies supporting a range of capabilities for both Consumer & Enterprise Identity and Access Management platforms. While many technology products have been designed for either or both, your business objectives determine which to choose, as well as the levels of integration required.

Single Sign-On describes the ability to sign in once for multiple services within a security domain, or across different security domains. Federation Sign-On enables authorised users to sign in once and gain access to services across multiple security domains of the same organisation, or an ecosystem of participating organisations.

Business Requirements Driven

The application of Federation & Single Sign-On is fundamentally different for Enterprise & Consumer IAM, for example:

  • For Enterprise IAM, Federation & Single Sign-On provides convenient and secure access for the workforce or third parties controlled by a fairly static set of business and security policies.
  • Consumer IAM requires Federation & Single Sign-On to be more dynamic. In addition to the organisation’s business and security policies, platforms must support dynamic policies determined by the participant’s own preferences around products and services, privacy and consent. Support for Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) – social sign-on capabilities leveraging third-party identities maintained by popular online services like Facebook, Google or LinkedIn – speeds registration and gives users one less password to remember. Most commonly employed by Consumer IAM platforms, Enterprise IAM platforms can also use BYOID to register and sign in contractors and outsourced workers.

In addition to Federation & Single Sign-On, KPMG can provide services for:

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