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Enterprise Identity & Access Management

Enterprise Identity & Access Management

We help clients manage the risk and optimise the opportunity surrounding the digital economy.

We help clients manage risk and optimise opportunity surrounding the digital economy.

As the use of data permeates almost every aspect of our lives, organisations increasingly rely on identity controls to secure and enhance their digital and real-world products and services.

Workforce-facing or Enterprise Identity & Access Management platforms have traditionally been used to reduce the risk and cost associated with employee onboarding, moving and off-boarding in relation to enterprise systems. Increasing cyber security regulation, the rise of cloud computing and shadow IT, and disruptive trends like the Internet of Things, are also driving requirements.

Enterprise IAM platforms support:

  • Controlling access to applications and data
  • Attestation and enforcement of policies, such as Separation of Duties and approvals
  • Managing starters, movers and leavers within organisations
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts
  • Access control of enterprise assets on and off premise and in the cloud

Enterprise IAM describes a complete set of services and capabilities providing a governance framework for digital identities. This enables organisations to make intelligent, risk-based decisions about who can access certain information assets, when to grant access, and in what context. Operational cost savings can be achieved through streamlined access provisioning, reduced or single sign-on, and faster onboarding of new hires.

In addition to Enterprise Identity & Access Management, KPMG can provide services for:

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