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Consumer Identity & Access Management

Consumer Identity & Access Management

We help our clients design and implement new digital identity strategies that drive competitive advantage.

Digital identity strategies that drive competitive advantage.

As organisations conduct more business online, they need to provide customers with a personalised experience. This means recognising, storing and utilising customer information.

With Consumer Identity & Access Management, people are associated with information, facilitating rich digital relationships between providers and consumers.

Important aspects of Consumer IAM:

  • Promoting access to products and services
  • 'Know Your Customer', personalisation, preferences and privacy (consent)
  • Customer experience and ease of use
  • Access anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Omni-channel relationships including real-world and digital services
  • Advanced authentication including multifactor, biometrics and behavioural.

Consumer IAM provides a platform that leverages identity information to enhance your customers’ experience, while building loyalty, trust and business. This platform must be agile and able to continuously adapt to changes in consumer expectations – and risks – while supporting new capabilities such as adaptive authentication.

In a thoughtfully implemented digital system, consumers share their information and preferences in return for something of value. Through a consent interface, the customer is clear about, and in control of, how their data will be used and by whom, and what they will receive in return. This helps to build the customer relationship, while eliminating any ‘creep factor’ from overly personalised/targeted experiences.

By associating multi-sourced data about a customer with a digital identity – often aided by data analytics – organisations can mirror the sort of customer insight they enjoy in the physical world. In return, they can delight customers with contextually relevant services, offers and personalisation, and even to how an individual’s landing page is populated. Because the experience is consistent across all channels, your systems can add value anywhere, anytime, from any device.

In addition to Consumer IAM, KPMG can provide services for:

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