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Advanced Authentication

Advanced Authentication

Strong authentication significantly improves your cyber posture and customer experience.

Strong authentication significantly improves your cyber posture and customer experience.

The consumerisation of technology has placed an array of choices in people’s hands, which has driven the development of new authentication methods such as Apple’s Touch ID, MasterCard’s Selfie Identification, or HSBC’s voice biometrics.

At the same time, organisations want to increase their level of confidence in digital identities to reduce risk and gain customer trust. This requires effective Know Your Customer programs, behavioural analytics, and a flexible, agile approach that supports new authentication methods.

To provide this agility and handle ‘authentication workflow’ interactions with customers, a digital identity platform must support advanced authentication services. When someone logs in from a new device, they may need to provide additional validations before the device is registered. These interactions boost security and build trust with customers.

Keeping ahead of fast-moving cyber security threats is an important capability of a digital identity platform. Organisations need to detect suspicious access attempts, usually based on risk-based analysis algorithms, and to augment authentication methods with additional security factors, such as fingerprinting of secured mobile devices or home Wi-Fi networks.

Advanced authentication capabilities also improve the user experience. Rather than rejecting what they see as a suspicious access request, systems can seamlessly step up the level of authentication required and minimise disruption to genuine customers.

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