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Performance Clinic

Performance Clinic

Helping you to improve organisational workplace performance.

Helping you to improve organisational workplace performance.

Organisations look to the capability of their people to respond to and deal with uncertainty and complexity as businesses are challenged not just by traditional competitors but disruptive players who can emerge from adjacent industries or other parts of the world.

In November 2015 KPMG Australia acquired The Performance Clinic, a boutique firm focused on improving organisational workplace performance.

How we can help

KPMG's Performance Clinic can assist clients to enhance productivity, wellbeing and employee engagement through the high performance of their people. Through a person-centred workplace performance approach that is data-led, fact-based and backed by research.

To help your organisation or team on their journey, our programs include:

  • Performance Assessments provide a comprehensive report of how well or how poorly your team members are managing their personal performance in four key areas – Psychology (the way they think), Productivity (the way they work), Recovery (the way they balance stress), and Physiology (the way they eat and move). The assessment consists of two online behavioural surveys, a 90 minute Health and Wellness Assessment and 48 hours of stress and recovery monitoring.
  • Personal Best is the signature workplace performance program. Personal Best is a practical performance program designed to increase workforce productivity, wellbeing and engagement. The program includes a Performance Assessment pre and post program, comprised of a personal best full day workshop, healthy body (8-week physical activity program), healthy mind (8-week Positive Thinking Skills Training), nutrition guidance and a workshop on team performance and behaviour change.
  • Performance workshops are designed as 45 to 90 minute workshops to help your team think more positively, build healthy relationships, manage information overload, plan workflow effectively, balance stress and with renewed energy.
  • Performance programs are designed for teams and individuals for sustained performance and resilience.
  • is an online tool that includes up to 25 modules delivered online to your desktop, iPad or iPhone. Once KPMG's Performance Clinic has assessed where your team needs help, we design a program to help build strengths and to eliminate weaknesses.

We’re with you every step of the journey, providing you with a variety of approaches and techniques to help you adapt and tackle the challenge of managing professional life and work balance.

Interested in starting your organisation’s wellbeing journey? To design and discuss your personalised program contact us.

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