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Corporate Affairs Advisory

Corporate Affairs Advisory

Our team helps client engage, understand and develop corporate affairs and government engagement for the 21st century.

We help clients engage, understand and develop corporate affairs leadership.

Understanding stakeholders beyond customers and shareholders has never been more important. Public trust in business and institutions is in free-fall, driving increased scrutiny from government, activists and the media, as well as knee-jerk regulatory and policy responses.

In this digital age, when reputation can be damaged at the click of a button, and your ‘social licence’ revoked overnight, a proactive approach to corporate affairs can make all the difference.

Traditional, short-term approaches to public relations, lobbying, and corporate social responsibility have provoked community cynicism and contributed to the general decline in trust across government and business.

Corporate Affairs Advisory supports our clients to understand the factors driving reputation and to build strong, proactive communications and engagement frameworks that are aligned to corporate strategy, create lasting value, and promote trusting relationships.

KPMG’s Corporate Affairs Advisory services focus on enhancing and protecting reputation.

How we can help

  • Assessing social licence of business activities and propositions, and infrastructure projects.
  • Developing communication, proactive engagement, consultation and issues management strategies to enhance social licence and reputation.
  • 360 degree perception reviews – to gain actionable feedback and input to strategy from a range of stakeholders.
  • Analysing corporate affairs capability, KPIs and processes to ensure they are fit for purpose to address opportunities and challenges, and to create value in the current environment.
  • Developing crisis management communications and engagement plans and simulations.
  • Preparing for public engagements such as parliamentary inquiries, Royal Commissions and media encounters.
  • Defining compelling narratives and articulating the value our clients deliver to society, aligned to organisational purpose.
  • Navigating the social licence implications of foreign investment propositions.

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