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KPMG Arrilla Indigenous Services

Arrilla Indigenous Services

Connecting Indigenous Australia with Government and Corporate Australia to enhance social and economic outcomes.

Connecting Indigenous and Corporate Australia to enhance social and economic outcomes.

KPMG Arrilla Indigenous Services seeks to improve Indigenous social and economic development through connecting Indigenous businesses with the corporate and public-sector in Australia.

Our service offering brings together KPMG’s 10 years of leadership in the reconciliation space and industry experience, with Arrilla’s expertise in delivering workplace solutions in the Indigenous arena.

How we can help

  • Support to build Indigenous businesses – building the internal capability and capacity of Indigenous businesses to help them to thrive.
  • Support and advise the public sector and corporates to help meet their Indigenous Procurement Policy and Reconciliation Action Plan targets.
  • Advising and delivering on Indigenous projects – project development and delivery support related to land assets and support for developing partnerships and JVs.
  • Provide Indigenous Cultural Competency Training to develop culturally competent teams and workplaces with Arrilla.

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