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Social Media Advisory

Social Media Advisory

KPMG Social Media Advisory empowers clients to drive real business value from social media.

KPMG Social Media Advisory helps clients with digital risk and reputation management.

According to the Sensis Social Media Report 2017 (PDF 2.07MB) almost eight in 10 Australians (79%) are on social media, and 80 percent of Australian businesses have a presence on social media.

The continued ubiquity of social media presents both challenges and opportunities for Australian businesses.

KPMG Social Media Advisory is a specialist team focused on providing objective advice that can help empower clients to drive real business value from social media.

Our expertise covers:

Social Media Intelligence
We tap into one of the world’s largest ‘live’ databases to unearth social data and insights that can be used to inform decisions throughout your business.

Social Risk Analysis
We analyse risk across reputation, regulatory and operations in order to help mitigate and reveal emerging risks.

Social Customer Care
We analyse your most public customer service channel to enable you to deliver excellence in social customer care.

Social Media Transformation
We conduct analysis across your social ecosystem and provide recommendations for full integration of social throughout your business.

Social Effectiveness Framework
We undertake social media diagnostics, using KPMG methodologies, to benchmark your social media activities, and determine the most effective social strategies to deliver on your business goals.

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