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Design Thinking

Design Thinking

We work hand-in-hand with organisations to help them innovate on their biggest challenges.

We help organisations innovate on their biggest challenges.

Organisations can sometimes invest immense time and resources into building business cases, but not enough time in framing the real problem that they are facing. This approach can see startups fail to get off the ground, or innovative ideas in established businesses go nowhere.

KPMG’s design thinking methodology is a customer-centric, creative and experimental way to overcome this issue. It sets out to identify and frame the real customer issues that the business needs to tackle, and then uses creative approaches to generate a wide range of possible solutions.

The ideas are tested quickly and in a cost-effective way using lo-fi prototypes. This ensures that the least-effective ideas are removed early, and the ones with the most potential are given the chance to develop.

Our design thinking method delivers this by focusing on four key areas:

  1. Helping to identify an issue that customers want to see solved.
  2. Developing ideas and ways to address this customer issue for a sizeable segment.
  3. Developing a feasible and viable business model.
  4. Testing the business model, in preparation for building a business case.

How we can help

Our team work hand-in-hand with organisations to help them innovate on their biggest challenges. Our tailored approach results in a smoother, faster and successful innovation journey. We can help you:

  • integrate design thinking across your organisation, embedding it into your culture, to unlock and sustain innovation and growth
  • create common frameworks, processes, tools and language across your teams and organisation to create greater efficiency and effectiveness in how you build brands and innovate
  • keep your teams at the leading-edge of design thinking and innovation with hands-on training by expert practitioners in the latest proven methods
  • clarify your vision and strategy; develop new business models, new ways of working, products and services, experiences and brands
  • experience first-hand the cultures and methods of the world’s most innovative organisations through our study tours.

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