Helping transform your customer strategy to drive sustainable growth

Customer intelligence is key to unlocking sustainable growth. At KPMG we combine deep market research experience, social media analysis and advanced data analytics to enable evidence-based decisions.

KPMG’s Customer Intelligence team designs initiatives that lead to evidence-based decisions which inform, develop and execute an effective customer strategy that can help to drive growth.

We are a team of research specialists focused on providing advice that can help empower clients to drive real business outcomes from their customer strategy. Our team has in-depth experience beyond providing research and data to clients. They work with clients to deliver continuous improvement and results.

Designing bespoke Customer Intelligence programmes for every project, we are experienced in a broad spectrum of deep qualitative and quantitative research techniques including; exploratory qualitative moderation, advanced quantitative statistical analysis and social media intelligence uncovering real-time insights. We apply research design and make use innovative technology where it can add significant value such as digital qualitative research, real-time social media monitoring or automated reports ready for the Executive team.

Our clients see significant benefits of harnessing the combined power of structured and unstructured data captured via qualitative, quantitative and real-time social media research to capture a more holistic understanding of their customers and markets.


Define category and segment opportunities, product and brand concepts and commercial viability.


Brand strategy, go-to-market strategy, proposition development, and identify target customers.


Track CX, brand health, communications & reputation.

Helping clients transform their customer strategy

From Reactive to Predictive

Become predictive with customer data by accessing robust research that give you insights across the enterprise in real-time and over-time.

From Generalist to Specialist

Apply deep specialist industry knowledge to your customer data, to deliver industry leading insights.

From Data to Human Truth

Move beyond multiple sources of data, with little understanding, to applying human truth to customer data.

From Insight to Action

Shift from reporting information to synthesising into evidence-based data to drive continuous improvements and action.

Five core Customer Intelligence services

In order to make evidence-based decisions, quickly, leaders need to be able to have the best customer data at their fingertips. We enable our clients to do this through the following five core services:

Voice of Customer

Single-source of real-time customer insights accessible throughout the enterprise

  • Exploratory CX analysis

  • Journey mapping

  • Social media trend real-time analysis

  • Influencer & detractor mapping

  • Experience assurance

Strategy & Innovation

Insights to inform strategy and innovation development

  • Ethnographic research

  • Market and customer segmentation

  • Market dynamics and opportunity analysis

  • Brand architecture and strategy

  • Channel strategies

  • Communications strategy


Understanding of target market, competitors, and the potential offers

  • Product and feature development – choice modelling, max diff

  • Brand and product portfolio analysis

  • Path to purchase insights

  • Target personas

  • Creative development

  • Service delivery

  • Go to market strategy


In-market evaluation of performance, effectiveness and ROI

  • CX measurement & dashboards

  • NPS & CSat driver modelling

  • Brand health tracking

  • Social risk monitoring

  • Reputation and trust analysis

  • Marketing mix modelling


Ensure excellence in operational enablement

  • Maturity assessment

  • Target operating model

  • Governance

  • Departmental integration

Some of the questions Customer Intelligence can help you answer

  • How are my customer needs changing, giving me the basis to innovate and disrupt?
  • How can I maintain or capture greater share of wallet from my customer base?
  • Where can my brand stretch to deliver new markets or revenue?
  • How do I stay abreast of, and minimise risk?
  • Are my customer satisfaction levels changing? What internal and external factors are driving the shifts?
  • How can I impact my customer KPIs? Where do I need to focus or invest and what’s my ROI?
  • How do I redesign customer journeys and make it easy to buy?
  • How can I differentiate my brand from competitors to drive acquisition?
  • How do I optimise product or service features to deliver the best experience profitably?
  • How do I position my brand proposition for greatest clarity?
  • Which marketing messages will resonate most strongly with my target market?
  • How do I optimise my customer care strategy across all channels and integrate into CRM?
  • How positive is my corporate reputation and how can I impact perceptions?
  • How are paid and unpaid messages in media impacting my reputation?
  • How does my customer delivery compare to competitors? Am I over/under-investing?

We would welcome the opportunity to help you inform, develop and execute a customer strategy that defines the growth agenda and aligns your brand promise to experience and top and bottom line outcomes.

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