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KPMG UDKU client projects

KPMG UDKU client projects

Read examples of how KPMG UDKU has helped our clients.

Read examples of how KPMG UDKU has helped our clients.


When Airtasker needed to develop a more grown-up brand identity to reflect their maturing business they came to us. That brand evolution was a great example of our Evidence Based Design approach in action, as it started with a qualitative research exercise to better understand Airtasker's various audiences. That rich understanding of the customer helped inform the subsequent engagement. We worked with Airtasker to define their internal corporate values, tailored to help the organisation meet and exceed user expectations. And we crafted a brand identity in keeping with their aspirations. This was the foundation for the campaign work to follow.

Brand campaign
Tens of thousands of Australians use Airtasker to earn money or get things done each month. So when they approached UDKU to create their launch into primetime, we knew we needed something special. We wanted to celebrate the people who do the tasks as much as the people who are smart enough to use Airtasker to outsource tasks.

'Like A Boss' is one of those great creative leaps that takes something from the zeitgeist to capture the sense of achievement both Job Posters and Airtasker Workers get from using the service. Simon Reynolds, VP of marketing: "This campaign marks a major shift in our approach. We've been relying on word of mouth, but we are now using our brand to move our growth beyond "in-the-know" early adopters, and into the mainstream. We’re hoping this will help us turn Airtasker into a household name."

In July 2018, we launched the sequel to "Like A Boss", driven by the research insight that many people often don't recognise the need for Airtasker, despite having lots of tasks on their to do list.

Enter "To do. Ta da."

A simple line that summarises a complex digital marketplace and why a consumer might use it in four, very short words.


Branding and product design
Michelle Nazzari a biking enthusiast, came to UDKU with a bold vision – an end to petrol operated transport. Her vision was for a scooter that could perform, or even better, outperform the market-standard Vespa, entirely operated by battery power.

Inspiration was drawn from the proud past of the scooters- dating back to the mods/rockers of the 60’s. Fonzarelli is about bringing back some of this attitude, toughness and street credibility, wrapped in the environmentally friendly sensibilities of now.

From product design to brand experience, UDKU partnered with Fonzarelli to launch what Fonzarelli claims to be Australia’s first electric scooter with a battery to go with zero emissions and no performance compromise.

Duck In Duck Out

When two restaurateurs approached us with an idea to combine duck, French cooking and fast-food - we were enthralled.

This engagement started with naming, then brand identity development and application of that brand identity to everything from packaging to neon signage, from a popup idea to a permanent outlet in Sydney's World Square.

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