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KPMG Brand Valuator

KPMG Brand Valuator

We help organisations build a 360 degree view of their brand to answer the brand strategy, value and investment questions they face.

Making the impact of brand visible to organisations.

A new approach: KPMG Brand Valuator

Brand is a key driver of shareholder value over time, but its intangible nature means its impact is often invisible. To meet this challenge, we have developed the KPMG Brand Valuator – a data-driven methodology that delivers on the questions of brand strategy, brand value and brand investment that organisations face.

The KPMG Brand Valuator delivers three important outputs:

  1. Benchmarking to peers. This gives you the opportunity to see where the drivers of your brand value sit relative to a comparable set. These can be tracked over time to assess progress.
  2. Strategic diagnostic to increase brand value over time. This will help identify and prioritise brand investment opportunities.
  3. Financial valuation. Utilising KPMG’s GAAP and IFRS compliant valuation techniques, we provide you with the value of your brand to allow you to track value over time.

The KPMG Brand Valuator is underpinned by an analytical model developed by combining our expertise in finance, building global brands, customer insights and behaviour, and data analytics.

It delivers a comprehensive analysis of the value a brand is contributing, and insights into how and where the brand can further drive value for the business.

Find out how the KPMG Brand Valuator can build a 360 degree view of your brand to measure its value.

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