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Bardot Pty Ltd

Bardot Pty Ltd

Appointment details

Appointment type Voluntary Administration
Appointment date 28 November 2019
Appointees Ryan Eagle and Brendan Richards
Company Subject to Adminstration Bardot Pty Ltd   ACN 074 147 434
Administration contact Kate Hutchison
Bardot Hotline +61 3 8626 0959
General enquiries
Creditor enquiries
Supplier enquiries
Customer enquiries
Employee enquiries
Office Melbourne

On Thursday, 28 November 2019, Ryan Eagle and Brendan Richards of KPMG were appointed as Joint and Several Administrators (“the Administrators”) of Bardot Pty Ltd (“the Company”).

The Administrators are continuing to trade the business as usual while turnaround and recapitalisation opportunities are assessed.

Any queries regarding the Administration process should be directed to

Updates to creditors regarding the Administration and future meetings of creditors will be posted below.

Voluntary Administration process

Voluntary administration is a statutory process designed to quickly resolve the future direction of a company, with the aim of maximising the chances of the company’s survival, or as much as possible, its business. In the event it is not possible to save the company or its business, the aim is to administer the company’s affairs in a way that will provide a better return for the company’s creditors than if the company were immediately placed into liquidation.

Please find below relevant links for stakeholders of Bardot Pty Ltd.

Should you have any queries regarding the above or any other matter, please contact KPMG by email to


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The Australian Securities & Investments Commission provides resources on insolvency for directors, practitioners, employees, creditors and investors.


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