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KPMG Australia announces leading edge Innovation Lab and Insight Centres

Innovation Lab and Insight Centres

KPMG today announced a multi-million dollar investment to bring leading edge experiential environments to its Australian clients. With a focus on anticipating and planning for disruption – these facilities will drive collaboration with clients on topics such as customer behaviour, technology-driven innovation and innovation strategy. The KPMG Innovation Lab in Sydney, ‘pop up’ Innovation Labs across the country, and two client Insight Centres in Sydney and Melbourne will be progressively opened over the next six months.


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The KPMG Innovation Lab, to be housed in the firm’s new office in Barangaroo International Tower Three, Sydney, follows the success of similar initiatives in New York and Amsterdam.

Each KPMG Innovation Lab has evolved to meet the unique challenges of its local eco-system and environment, drawing upon both technology tools and a global network of KPMG innovation leaders and subject matter experts. At the core of the Lab is a methodology that mines weak signals of change and maps global technology innovation trends to provide a data driven view of disruption at a sector or company level. The Lab will utilise technology that analyses 500,000 online sources a day such as global patent databases, annual reports, venture capital activity, press releases and social media.

The Australian Innovation Lab will be headed by Kristina Craig, previously a Director in KPMG’s Management Consulting practice and formerly co-founder of the MindArc Digital Agency. The Lab will work with clients to develop ideas that pre-empt disruption and bring these ideas to life through prototyping. It will introduce the latest techniques and technologies to clients, and help them to future-proof their business models and facilitate engagement with start-ups and members of Australia’s innovation eco-system. The Innovation Lab will house emerging technologies such as 3D printers, wearables, VR and AR, drones and robotics and will provide an environment that encourages learning though play and experimentation.

“The Innovation Lab will be a world-leading creative resource for our Australian clients,” said Kristina. “We’ve identified the most successful features of different innovation labs and centres across the KPMG global network to develop a unique capability. While the Innovation Lab environment will be housed in Sydney, it will be a national, firm-wide facility, and our intention is to bring the Innovation Lab experience across Australia through ‘pop-up’ labs and other digital platforms.”

The KPMG Insight Centres, are interactive environments showcasing new technologies, data & analytics and are inspired by similar spaces in Frankfurt and Hong Kong.

They contain fully interactive video walls with touch-enabled screens that facilitate a new form of collaboration and problem solving. In Australia, the Insight Centres will allow KPMG clients to visualise large amounts of data and rapidly draw insights which can be applied to business opportunities or challenges. KPMG will open the first Insight Centre in Sydney in September, with a second to follow in the new Melbourne Collins Square office in early 2017.

Ken Reid, KPMG Australia National Managing Partner, Brand & Innovation commented: “This significant investment in the Innovation Lab and Insight Centres underscores the firm’s commitment to harnessing both the latest technologies and the power of the KPMG global network. Businesses are operating in an increasingly globalised, digitised and data-dependent world. The fact is that Australian organisations are often struggling to understand the signals of change and the impact of emerging technologies on their business. These physical spaces have proven hugely successful internationally in helping clients understand the market opportunities and challenges, and adapt to the new reality.”

“We are excited to be launching the next generation Innovation Lab and Insight Centres here in Australia to help our clients explore the new, technology-enabled frontiers of business. Beyond a resource for our clients, we hope that the Innovation Lab and Insights Centres will become important facilitators for collaboration and co-operation for all the players in Australia’s innovation eco-system – including corporations, government, startups and academia. ”

The KPMG Innovation Lab and first Insight Centre in Sydney will officially open in September 2016.

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