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Real Estate Innovations Overview 2021

The sixth edition of KPMG’s Real Estate Innovations Overview showcases innovations from around the world.

KPMG’s Real Estate Innovations Overview showcases innovations from around the world.

Foyer of an office building showing reflections of city real estate

Recognising the importance of innovation in real estate

Throughout the years, innovation has become an increasingly important element of business strategy within the real estate industry. This year’s challenging market conditions, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, provided even more momentum and widespread awareness about the endless possibilities for innovation.

Our 2021 international edition of the Real Estate Innovations Overview shows the wide array of applications readily available right now. KPMG believes that the deployment of innovative solutions into existing business models is one of the keys to success in an ever-changing world. Our report shows numerous examples of inspiring innovations from all over the world, including 36 from Australia.



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Interactive dashboard

Our interactive dashboard provides accessible insights into the key statistics of all innovations listed in the sixth edition of the Real Estate Innovations Overview. You’ll be able to create personalised insights on a selection of adjustable parameters.

It is best viewed full screen on a desktop or laptop screen.

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