As a leading professional services firm that undertakes a significant amount of data advisory and legal work for government and private clients, KPMG is very pleased to be able to draw upon our multi-disciplinary expertise to provide our feedback and submission on the Draft Exposure Data Availability and Transparency Bill. We strongly support a public sector data availability and transparency scheme given the significant benefits that can be drawn from greater levels of safe sharing of quality data across entities such federal and state government agencies, as well as the research community. Our submission is, therefore, designed to help inform and improve the ongoing development of the Bill and associated frameworks.

KPMG is supportive of a Commonwealth public sector data sharing scheme given the significant benefits from the ability of critical government departments and agencies such as Services Australia, the Australian Tax Office, the Department of Home Affairs , the Australian Bureau of Statistics and bodies such as the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, to share and access each other’s data to support the delivery of: day to day services, policy development and critical program provision during national disasters.

KPMG’s submission looks at some of the topics that may warrant further investigation and consideration in drafting the provisions in the final Bill as well as the data codes and regulations that will underpin the framework. These include consideration of data ethics, how the scheme interacts with state and federal legislation, matters of consent, how data breaches are dealt with, risk management, the accreditation framework, data quality and the associated resources and training. The submission also makes several recommendations.

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