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2020 HR New Reality Pulse Survey

Australian HR executives tell us how the HR function is changing and how priorities differ from last year and from their global counterparts.

Australian HR executives tell us how the HR function is changing.

2020 HR new reality pulse survey

In the 2020 HR New Reality Pulse Survey, we asked HR Executives for their opinion on how the HR function can improve its relevance and strategic value, how HR can design an employee experience that is responsive to evolving demands and how technology can be used to understand employee motivation. Close to 1,300 HR executives from across the globe participated in the survey with 57 Australian executives giving their local perspective.

Interestingly, our 2020 CEO Survey also uncovered various findings that suggest the HR function could guide the C-suite into a new way of working. Of the CEOs surveyed, 30 percent outlined they had a lack of insight into future operational scenarios e.g. new ways of working, suggesting HR executives could help inform them and execute a strategy to address this. Talent risk was a heightened concern for CEOs in 2020 (up 20 percent from 2019) which emphasises the need to define the HR function’s purpose in an organisation.

This year’s HR new reality pulse survey outlines the shift in priorities Australian HR executives have seen over the past 12 months and during COVID-19 as well as those they are predicting for the future. The survey also highlights where they believe change needs to happen. We look at where there are disparities between the views in Australia and globally and the reasons behind the shifts in opinion, we also focus on the role of digital in HR, the importance of a seat at the table for the HR function and what the future of work might look like.



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