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Customer Experience Excellence Report 2020

Insights into how Australia’s ‘new normal’ is impacting both how customers are interacting with brands and how they are spending their money.

How is Australia’s ‘new normal’ impacting customers' spending and interaction with brands?

Customer Experience Excellence

Australia's top brands – COVID-19 special edition

COVID-19‘s world-wide impact on customer expectations and priorities was immediate and widespread across all sectors and demographics. The 2020 KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report gives early and in-depth insight into the ways Australia’s ‘new normal’ is impacting both how customers are interacting with brands and spending their money.

In times of upheaval, it’s probably not surprising consumer focus has moved to essential services. But what Australian consumers consider essential – compared to their counterparts across the globe – highlights unique immediate and horizon opportunities for local brands and businesses.

So what are Australia’s top Customer Experience brands during COVID-19?

In this report we look at the trend towards a ‘back to basics’ approach, the top 10 Australian CX brands and how customers and organisations transact and interact with each other in various sectors and industries.



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The six pillars of Customer Experience Excellence

The Six Pillars of Customer Experience Excellence

What are the top Global Customer brands?

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