The Mutuals Industry webinar held on 22 June was designed to provide insight into the latest developments in the Australian Mutual Bank Industry. The webinar aimed to discuss the challenges and the opportunities facing Mutual Banks in a post-COVID-19 environment, particularly with respect to customer and business innovation.

As we all start to navigate back to a new reality, Mutual Banks are asking themselves what winning strategies will help innovate and transform the business towards recovery and subsequently, growth. We aimed to explore some of these strategies in this webinar.

During this webinar, which was led by KPMG’s National Head of Mutuals, Brendan Twining, we were joined by our expert panel to discuss a range of topics.

Key topics

  • Exploring the new Ways of Working concept: Investing in digital transformation with Karen Parkes, Partner, Management Consulting with expertise in transformation and operational excellence
  • The Mutual Journey in 2020: Strategy and transformation with Hessel Verbeek, Partner, KPMG Strategy
  • Voice of the customer: Keeping the customer at the centre of decisions with Carmen Bekker, Partner, Customer, Brand & Marketing
  • Building the industry context: Observations in the Australian banking market with Nic Buchanan, Partner, Audit, Assurance & Risk Consulting

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