The COVID-19 global crisis brings with it the possibility and a once in a generation opportunity to be rethinking the way we work. Gain insight into some practical ideas and process for helping to embed cultural practices, values and behaviours that you want to retain to consciously create your post-COVID culture.

COVID-19 has forced many of us to do things differently, and demonstrated the human capacity for adaption and altruism. However, when the crisis abates, will our inclination towards seeking a state of ‘equilibrium’ see us return to former habits?

Now, as always, the job for leaders involves the continual diagnosis and adjustment of a workplace’s culture to deliver on the organisation’s promise to customers, staff, shareholders and stakeholders alike.

However, any cultural advancements will require an organisation to think holistically about the things that influence culture, including governance, communication, capabilities, processes, structures and values and behaviours. Now is the time for conscious reflection and deliberate dialogue on emerging cultural attributes that, if retained, will advance the organisation’s purpose, and its people, into the future.

This thought piece outlines:

  • our point of view on organisational culture and its link to trust, strategy and reputation
  • cultural strengths that are surfacing, that many organisations may wish to retain 
  • a pragmatic process to support you to capture insights and determine key actions to embed into the new normal and ensure the opportunities emerging from this particular crisis are not wasted.


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